Filter cartridge of air purifiers

The filter cartridges made from Purifier photocatalytic ceramic particles are applied in air purification and ventilation system replacing active carbon. They have enhanced the degradation of VOCs and overcome the problem of secondary pollution related to active carbon.

Filter cartridge of ventilation systems

Purifier has provided the solutions for the ventilation systems in families, schools, sport halls, waiting rooms etc. to remove VOCs and PM2.5 pollutants more effectively and maintain high quality of indoor atmosphere.

Air purification boxes

The air purification boxes are more suitable to use in the cars, wardrobes, cloakrooms, drawers, tool rooms and newly decorated houses to remove foreign odours and harmful VOC pollutants. They have demonstrated superior purification effect compared to the conventionally used active carbon.

Treatment of industrial gaseous exhausts

Purifier transition metal catalysts, costing only 30% of the traditionally used noble metal catalysts, can significantly lower the budget for the industry to control the pollutants.

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